Yoni Massage: 5 Common Misconceptions

Date: 2016-12-17 02:32:26

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Hi lovelies. This is Mariah, and today I would love to talk about my most favorite practice, the yoni massage. You might have heard this practice already from me or maybe from other articles, other [shonalas 00:00:19] speaking about their experiences, or maybe you’ve heard it from a friend having a really great, transformative session. I think there are actually a lot of false beliefs and also misconceptions around what actually yoni massage is. That’s why I’d like to talk about false beliefs or misconceptions around yoni massage and just clarify those things that might even hold us back from actually going forward with this or experiencing this kind of practice. I believe it’s really one of the most healing practices that are out there for empowering our sexual beings. That’s why I want to just blow through all those wrong beliefs here.

Let’s start with the first misconception, which is yoni massage is an erotic massage. Well, it is a massage, yes, but it is not an erotic massage. Really going into a yoni massage means you are being held in a very sacred space, first of all. There’s a very strong intention of healing, of transformation, of personal growth. It’s not about just having a nice orgasm in the end or having a nice get-off in the end. No, it’s much more deeper, much more refined and the practitioner usually has a lot of skills in terms of healing, in terms of holding the space for you. I really want to get rid of this term erotic massage, because this is ultimately just a more ego-istic way of just having pleasure, where as a yoni massage is much more serving your soul and much more serving the liberation of your limitations physically, as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

This leads me to the second misconception around yoni massage which is that yoni massage is goal oriented. Well, it is of course going towards our transformation, going towards our healing and also unleashing orgasms on the way, but it’s not about that one goal of having the most incredible orgasms ever. Right? When I’m teaching yoni massage this is a lot around creating a sacred space for healing, and then going into the process, but really being present with the process itself. When somebody is massaging us our whole body is being worshiped, and you want to be really present with that. It’s not about this one moment where you are like, “Uh, uh, uh,” but rather going into expansion of, “Wow, this feels so good,” and then staying with this goodness and staying with this juiciness and this pleasure.

The third misconception around yoni massage is that it’s foreplay. Some people use it as a foreplay, yes. Some people might use certain elements of it as in foreplay, but yoni massage itself is a solid in itself practice that I personally don’t recommend as a warm up for sex. What happens in a session really stays in a session, and you really want to let this session give space and give healing and give kind of integrity and really sinking in those effects that you have. I usually don’t recommend couples, when they start practicing yoni massage have sex directly afterwards. But, I still recommend in the end of silence, a meditation and integration of the process, just because you want to make sure that things are being really integrated.

For everyone who’s interested in using some of the practices as foreplay, I would definitely recommend simply to just take certain elements of it, but not [see it 00:04:42] as the whole yoni massage or tantra massage practice, as this will only dilute the practice and will also not achieve the benefits that you’re actually looking for. Plus, there’s a really important element here, which is the unconditional part. The part where we are actually serving, we are in service of the one that is receiving. If we’re using yoni massage as a foreplay, it’s kind of like, “Yeah, I want to get you into bed, I want to make love to you afterwards, I want to seduce you in a nice way and give you some good orgasms.” This is again, going more towards the erotic massage and not the yoni massage. Again, I can just encourage you to take it as an extra container, really create a ritual around it, make a date for it, and really see it as something separate from the normal lovemaking.

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