This Inspiring Woman Has Massaged More Than 300 Yonis Here’s What She Learned

Date: 2015-08-05 15:47:22

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Yoni Massage changed my life. And thousands of other women’s lives too. It’s a blessed gift. A mystical tool for unleashing emotions. A practice that is holy. A practice that goes from soul to soul. From lover to lover. True connection.
I invited the lovely Yogita onto my show. She is a yoga teacher, a women’s group leader and a professional Yoni masseuse. She has massaged more than 300 Yonis (pronounced Yo-nee, this means a woman’s pussy). She has gained amazing knowledge on helping women let go of shame and sexual traumas with this empowering practice.

In this episode, we get into detail about:
• What Yoni Massage truly means.
• How it works exactly.
• What exactly happens during a Yoni Massage.
• What Yogita’s experiences have been.
• How to overcome the fear of actually having a Yoni Massage.
• How to prepare yourself and your partner for it.
• What’s important for the giver to know.
• What’s important for the receiver to know.

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