The Making of our Adult Film – Behind the Scenes Curious

Date: 2018-02-10 21:56:11

We guest directed for Erika Lusts XConfessions! We’ve always wanted to make our tips videos explicit and finally we got the chance! If you ever wanted to know how to give the best blow job ever and actually see how its done, this is the film for you. The very first ‘learn while you enjoy’ porno! Now go do your home work…

You can watch our Tips n’ Tricks for Suckin’ Dicks here:

We also did an interview! Check it out here:

Guest Directors:
Florence Barkway
Reed Amber

Heidi Switch
Parker Marx

Rina Ellis

BTS Camera:
Tory Blaze

Makeup and Hair:
Samantha Cole

Kusi Kubi

BTS Editor:
Alex Rae

A HUGE thank you to all our crew involved in the shoot and for Erika Lust’s team for making it all happen!
Erika, Pablo, Elena, Rufai, Bex, George, Andrew, Peitro, Samantha, Kevin, Sabrina, Kusi, Drea, Jack, Anne, Nicol, Joe, Richard, Cristina, Aimimage, Camden Studios,
Simona De Angelis and Loris D’Ettore.
And of course, thank you to all our ComeCurious fans for supporting us to do what we love!

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