Piper Perri Camsoda Confessional

Date: 2018-01-18 18:37:47

Piper Perri Talks Dick Pics, Weird Dick Pinching, Huge Bush Hatred & More

Weirdest Thing In The Pussy

We asked Piper what the weirdest thing she’s ever stuck in her pussy was and her answer was super funny. When she first started masturbating, the weirdest object that she stuck in her pussy was one of those tiny cherry flavored Chapsticks.

But it gets so much worse. She actually lost it in her vagina! I have to say, a lost Chapstick in a virgin pussy is a first for us!

Piper’s Opinion On Male Pubic Hair

What do you think she’s into? Big ole hairy man bush or groomed downstairs?


Piper Perri prefers manscaping because she hates parting a forest, LOL. According to Piper, lots of guys just don’t have big dicks, to begin with, and the two-inch pubic hair isn’t helping at all.

She’s requesting that any and all men that are with her, please trim that shit!

Dick Pics

We asked Piper if she liked receiving dick pics. Truth is that she’s getting them ALL THE TIME on Snapchat and she doesn’t enjoy them all the time. On certain occasions, she does, but often times she claims that it’s really fucking annoying.

Fun Fact
She loves erotic novels and enjoys the mental stimulation versus watching porn.

Her Favorite Type Of Guy

Piper wants a stable life and if you want her in your life, then you best not be a loser living in your mom’s basement, struggling all the time. Kindness is a quality that she finds extremely attractive, so be kind and you’ll score points with her. If you’re selfish, then there’s the door. She just loves to be loved, simple as that!

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