MY PRE-SEX RITUAL 7 Ways to Turn Yourself On Before Sex

Date: 2017-09-19 16:15:56

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The other night my partner and I had really beautiful, intense sex.

It wasn’t just about having hot sex…the sex we experienced that night was even more connected, intimate, liberating and deeply erotic.

And while those qualities are usually present when we have sex, I’ve also noticed recently that they’re more present when I have been able to tap into my sexual energy before sex and really honor myself (and even my partner) with ritual.

The reason the sex was so intense, heart-opening and orgasmic was because I had done my personal pre-sex ritual throughout the day.

I notice that the quality of sex (or self pleasure) that I experience is deeply affected by how turned on I am. Have you noticed this for yourself?

This makes so much sense because your turn on is your sexual energy.

The more turned on you are before sex or self pleasure, the more you’ll get out of it.

More of whatever it is that sex provides for you.

For me, sex (or self pleasure) provides orgasmic states of pleasure, deep love, connection, intimacy, being seen, being safe, being desired and feeling my erotic energy and nature even more.

My lover and I usually have a sex date at least once a week where the sex is scheduled, which gives me plenty of time during the morning, afternoon and evening to prepare myself before we come together.

Sometimes we have more random sex that isn’t planned or I’ll choose to have a self pleasure date with myself and what I’m sharing with you today is what allows me to feel more orgasmic and turned on before, during and even after sex.

I have a pre-sex ritual that I do. I also do this before self pleasure, because I like to build up sexual energy for solo sex just as much as I desire to build up sexual energy for sex with my partner.

The more turned on you are, the more open and ready your body, heart, soul and pussy are.

This pre-sex ritual fits seamlessly into my day because of the work that I do, personally and professionally, so I’ll share a few ways you can bring it in for yourself.

In my weekly vlog I’m going to share my pre-sex ritual with you and 7 ways you can turn yourself on before solo or partnered sex!

The amazing thing is that you can do them as a whole ritual, either spread out throughout your day or all at once right before you have sex or begin self pleasuring (as a long ritual of foreplay and worship).

Or you can pick and choose a few to do throughout your week to keep you feeling juicy, turned on and tapped into your pleasure and sexual energy!

Replenishing yourself in this erotic, turned on state through cultivating sexual energy daily will allow you to easily drop into being more turned on and ready for sex…and more often!

Learn more about my personal pre-sex ritual and 7 ways you can turn yourself on before sex here!

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