Loving Your Secret Bad Girl, Healing Sexual Trauma & Becoming a Grown Goddess with Rachael Maddox

Date: 2017-06-02 23:48:41

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Last year I stumbled upon an amazing woman and her book, Secret Bad Girl, which helped me heal a part of myself that I hadn’t expected to face. My own inner archetype of the secret bad girl.

This woman who initiated me into looking at my secret bad girl is Rachael Maddox.

My secret bad girl had unknowingly been longing to be seen, heard and accepted fully so this book came into my life at the perfect time. She was begging for my attention, but I wasn’t listening.

Until I gave her a voice. Until I listened to her, saw her, witnessed her. Until I was willing to play with her, dance with her, hold her, soothe her, give her my love and attention.

If you’ve been struggling with a part of you that feels like she’s bad, dirty, naughty, unwelcome, slutty, misbehaving or needs to be a “good girl” and “behave” then you’re going to love this episode of the podcast.

I remember back in the day always being told things like this…

Pull your shirt down!

Pull your pants up!

Stop pulling your dress up!

Stop touching yourself like that!

Close your legs!

Sit like a lady!

Be a good girl!


Sit down, be quiet, hush up!

Can you relate?

Deep down we all have different aspects of our sexuality and sometimes our erotic innocence can be misused, abused, manipulated or encouraged to be hidden, changed or repressed. This is where the concept of Secret Bad Girl comes in and I’m so excited that Rachael and I got to talk about this.

Here’s what we dive into in this juicy conversation:

How to connect with your Secret Bad Girl & surprisingly what she needs from you

How you can bring love & attention to her in a way that she actually needs

How to use your secret bad girl to heal & release trauma

What it takes to become a grown goddess (plus some yummy practices to help you!)

What trauma is & how to begin healing it on a body level

How you might be caught under a “trauma spell”

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