Kristen Scott & Nina North FuckingAwesome Wild Things SFW Trailer

Date: 2017-11-17 20:25:20

There’s not a person who saw Wild Things who wasn’t turned on by that sexy scene by the pool. Who among us didn’t think to themselves; man, I wish we got to see them actually fuck… Well friends, @TheFaCrew has made that wish a reality! Kristen Scott and Nina North take over for Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, and this time the action doesn’t stop as we get to see just how wild these girls really are.

Wild Things, FuckingAwesome Style:

From fighting in the pool, to fighting their attractions for each other, Neve Campbell & Denise Richards turned their cat-fight into one of the hottest scenes of all time. Nina North and Kristen Scott take a classic that for years has left us unfulfilled and bring it to the ultimate climax – pun intended. Don’t miss these girls coming together to make this remake every bit as hot and sexy as you imagined it would be back in 1998.

“That pool scene has been one that has stuck with me for years! I remember watching the movie and saying to my friends ‘One day, I will make this scene into a porn’ well, today is that day. I am overjoyed with how fantastic this scene turned out, and I can’t wait to hear the feedback from our loyal fans!” Brad John, CMO

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