How to use GoPro HERO6 footage on Mac!

Date: 2017-10-05 11:00:02

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I just did a GoPro Hero6 Black Ultra HD unboxing video: Since then, I used it quite a lot. The first time I tried to take my awesome footage that was still in my camera and transfer it to my computer, a MacBook Pro 2017, it got a complicated. The HERO6 seems to be pretty advanced for its time, so I needed to do a few updates on my Mac before I could start editing my videos.

Here are the few easy steps to import the memories from the microSD card, that resides into your HERO6, and onto your editing software program.

1- Download macOS High Sierra,

2- Download the GoPro Quick Application,

3- Make some extreme video with your new GoPro HERO6 Ultra HD, you can even do it in 4K and slow motion 😋

4- Connect your GoPro to your computer. Open the side of the camera to insert your USB C cable. No need to worry about which side to put it in, it can go either way with USB C. Plus, if you have a new Mac, no more dongles for you!

5- Click on the dark power button of the GoPro. When you hear the beeps, you are ready to go.

6- Open your GoPro Quick App and import your extreme footage.

7- Once it is done importing! Go to your desktop and pop open your Photo folder. GoPro has thought of everything, just click on the GoPro file.

8- Open the video you want to transfer into your editing software with Quick Time.

9- In the Menu bar go to Files, scroll down and click on Export As. Choose the right resolution for your video.

10- Almost done, now it’s time to import your video into your editing software. I use FCP, Final Cut Pro, You can use whatever you like.

I hope this helps you create amazing content!

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