How to Stay Wet During Sex

Date: 2017-04-28 18:42:30


How to Stay Wet During Sex

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There’s an emotional and spiritual meaning for how wet you are before and during sex. Not just from a physical and sexual perspective, although that’s very important too.

Our wetness – our juicy vaginal lubrication – translates beyond just how turned on we are sexually, but how open we are emotionally and how connected we feel intimately and spiritually (whatever that means for you personally).

The flow in between our legs directly correlates to how much flow we experience in our lives…in our finances, in our creativity, in our relationships.

How juicy, turned on and open to the flow we are sexually means we are also open and trusting in our hearts and in our lives.

I’ve seen this play out over and over again in my body and life. I’ve also had many clients and friends share with me the same experience.

When I’m shut off from the flow of life-force, sexual energy (including my creativity, money and level of service), I also find myself staying shut off from this juicy flow in between the sheets.

What causes a woman to shut down and shut off her flow of juicy wetness?

Many things. Sometimes it’s too much friction during sex.

Sometimes it’s feeling like you can’t trust your lover (or yourself). So you shut down your heart and your flow of wetness.

Maybe it’s an emotional wound coming up because your partner thrusted their cock or dildo into your cervix and all of a sudden you remember a repressed memory that stirs up deep grief.

Maybe it’s feeling spiritually disconnected from your body, heart, soul and pussy…so you can’t seem to maintain the connection to your sexual energy and wetness.

There’s so many reasons and that’s why sexual healing and awakening is so essential for all of us.

How wet a woman is really shows you how juicy and in flow she is in her entire life. How connected, juicy, open and trusting she is with her lover(s), herself, her flow of abundance, money and creativity.

How wet you are (or aren’t) before and during sex can show you what’s really going on in your internal landscape. Vaginally. Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally.

It’s not something to feel bad about…you are NOT broken. Nothing is wrong with you.

However, it can really show you what’s going on within you on a deeper level.

What is causing your lack of wetness? What makes you feel more connected to your own juicy flow?

This is what we’re exploring in my latest video – how to stay wet during sex. I share a little bit more about what might be causing it and some easy and practical tips and techniques you can try out to bring your juicy flow back.

This is NOT a quick fix video though despite the fact that I share tips with you. You’ve got to be willing to go deep and do the deep inner work (yes, in your vagina too).

Chances are your vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication is being brought to your attention for a deeper reason. Will you listen? Will you go deep to heal deep and unleash your deep flow of wetness?

Watch my latest video and learn 3 Sexual Techniques to Unlocking G-Spot Orgasms. It’s time for you to unleash WHO you really are a sexual woman and a woman in life.

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