How To Sleep With Piper!

Date: 2018-01-09 21:29:46

Purchase Your Print:
I have received, and I am still receiving a lot of messages from some of you guys asking: “How do I purchase a printed and signed picture from you, Piper!” Listen carefully I’m going to tell you because it’s now possible!

Once you bought your signed limited edition print picture from, it is delivered directly to your address. They are in limited quantities. Only 20 autographed prints are available per series! Every series is a different photo. The first that you can get right now is called ‘Aloha’!

As soon as you receive yours, you can do whatever you want with it! But I’ve got some ideas for us to share special moments together every day.

You can place me on top of your fireplace, so I’m always hot because I like to stay warm during the winter. Or you could set me at the other end of the table so that we can have romantic dinners together. I like to eat you know! Or if you really love me you could put me in a frame on your nightstand, that way I can help you make sweet dreams. You can even talk to it, but it doesn’t answer back yet! Maybe the next one will.

Well, I’m sure that once you have collected a few of me, you’ll find a place to put us all!

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