How to Have Multiple Orgasms (For Women)

Date: 2016-12-08 22:06:55

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I really do believe that as women it’s in our nature to be deeply erotic and highly orgasmic…in fact, we’re capable of being able to have hundreds of orgasms in one night if we choose!

Oh yes. Today we’re exploring multiple orgasms for women. It’s a thing and it’s something I’ve experienced many times, both on my own during self-pleasure and during sex with a lover.

How many do you want?






Either way, it’s your choice and your body is absolutely wired for pleasure, but she may take a little sweet surrender and gentle coaxing to open up and let the orgasms flow continuously.

I think there are a lot of myths around female orgasm and it’s my mission to shed some light on women’s sexuality so we can fully own and expand our orgasmic potential. Because being able to have multiple orgasms, whether it’s two or 20, means we are taking our pleasure, erotic power and sexuality into our own hands…where it belongs.

This also means we can deepen the orgasmic connection when we’re having sex with someone else. I’m sure your partner would LOVE to see you come undone, having orgasm after orgasm…after orgasm…after orgasm.

So if you’ve ever thought you weren’t capable of having one orgasm, let alone MORE orgasms, or you’re thinking “what’s wrong with me???!!!” then cut. it. out. You can have as many as you want and I’ll show you how!

Press play on the video to hear my juiciest tips on how you can have multiple orgasms.

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