Ginger’s Eyes On Brooke Lynn Santos

Date: 2016-02-27 17:39:41

Rather relaxed as interviewees go, Brooke Lynn Santos certainly appears to be comfortably taking life as it comes – y’know, as it were. You may not know a whole lot of people this side of NASCAR who will sit around with their hands in their pants as much as Brooke feels comfortable doing, but she does demonstrate a dedication to quick decisions that most of us could never embrace. She loses her virginity just before turning eighteen, and “a couple weeks after” turning legal age, Brooke jumps into a porn career. If nothing else, when she finds something she likes, she certainly knows it. Now history would indicate that at some point Brooke could question this decision, but exceptions do exist, so we (and she) can hope for the best. We do know one thing for certain: You will never visit a Cracker Barrel in quite the same way.

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