Camsoda Confessional Haley Reed

Date: 2017-08-18 00:27:15

Haley Reed Confessional: Anal Fucking, Fivesome, Cuckold Fun & More
Favorite Type Of Sex & Daddy Talk

Somehow the conversation took a turn and we started discussing her favorite type of sex. Believe it or not, Haley Reed is into rough sex as well as passionate sex. It really depends on the mood that she’s in. On normal occasions, she likes rough sex and a good hard pussy pounding. However, if she really cares about the person, then passionate sex it is. Haley explained that they are two completely different feelings and per preference depends on her current mood.

Having Sex In Public

Haley Reed is no stranger to having sex in public. She’s had sex in movie theaters on playgrounds and in other places that you wouldn’t believe if I told you. We asked if she’s ever been caught and thankfully her answer was no. She’s not the type that likes to cause too much trouble so she’ll likely do her best to not get caught.

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