3 Sacred Sexuality Practices to Release Shame & Trauma

Date: 2017-08-16 19:26:54

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Do you ever notice how deeply embedded sexual shame and trauma affect how you show up in your life?

What about how you show up in your relationships?

In your solo and/or partnered sex life?

In how you express yourself through verbal communication, creativity and your expression of your pleasure in each moment?

Sexual shame is the feeling that we are bad, dirty and wrong. That we’re a mistake.

That we’re fundamentally not good…like we’re broken or damaged or need to be ashamed of a part of ourselves. A part that isn’t lovable, acceptable or good.

A part that feels forbidden and exiled into the shadows of our bodies and psyches.

It feels heavy and secretive.

When I feel sexual shame in my body, I feel like hiding. Like no longer using my voice or expressing myself, whether sexually or creatively.
It’s expressed physically in how my body caves in. My shoulders slump. My heart becomes protected with a layer of calcified fear, pain and numbness.

My head hangs low and I avoid eye contact. I want to remain hidden like I could blend into the background and disappear. ​

My vagina contracts and tenses up. My heart closes away from love, pleasure and sexual energy.

My voice gets locked up and I can’t express myself any longer. Your throat, womb and vagina are connected so take a moment to feel into your connection here or lack thereof.

Trauma often feels like a deep inner pain we simply can’t face. A violation that just won’t leave us. A lingering sense of victimization. A sense of powerlessness mixed with fight, flight or freeze energy thrumming through us.

Like a deer in headlights.

A contraction and lock that keeps us from going deeper into our pleasure and orgasm.

How much energy is sexual shame and trauma taking away from you?

How much pleasure are you keeping locked away because you’re afraid to access it on the other side of the pain, numbness, shame and trauma?

You have so much sexual energy, pleasure and orgasmic potential already available in you. Even if you’ve never felt fully tapped into it before or rarely do.

The only thing is that it gets covered in ancient layers of repressed shame and trauma, which creates contraction, tension and numbness or pain that feels heavy, intense and like you can’t get out of your head and into your body’s erotic wisdom.

I believe that sacred sexuality – the unity of heart, soul and genitals – is the key to healing and releasing shame and trauma.

The blending of sexuality, spirituality and love that you cultivate, channel and experience deeply can set you free and allow you to finally feel like the sexual, erotic, sensual and orgasmic women you truly are.

I’m sharing 3 of my favorite sacred sexuality practices and techniques that you can do to heal and release shame and trauma from your body, heart, mind, soul and pussy.

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