3 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Turned On (& How to Fix it)

Date: 2016-11-29 13:44:04

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A common concern many women share with me is that they don’t feel that sexual anymore.

I remember when I went through a few periods in my life where I worried about the same thing. I wondered to myself if something was wrong with me and used the excuse of “I guess I’m just not that sexual of a woman after all.”

Little did I know that this actually wasn’t the case for me at all. Not for me. And not for you either.

I guarantee that you are sexual. In fact, I bet you’re highly sexual.

Exquisitely sensual. Deeply erotic. Highly orgasmic.

I think this is all in your nature as a woman and sometimes life just happens or we have things going on internally that build up barriers between us and our sexual nature.

But there’s a reason (or multiple) for WHY you don’t feel sexual anymore. And it’s not what you think, which I’m willing to bet is something along the lines of “I’m just not that sexual [anymore].”

Allow me to put your body, heart and mind at ease in my latest video where I share 3 of the most common reasons why you don’t feel sexual and how you can fix it.

Click play to learn more about what might be holding you back from embodying the naturally sexual woman you are PLUS how you can remedy it on a few different levels!

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