Ginger’s Eyes On — Pornstar Alix Lovell

July 9, 2017, Porn Star Interview, 61 views
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It may come as a telling insight into society’s contemporary youth as Alix Lovell apologetically explains that she did not start watching porn until she was “about” 16 years of age. Perhaps we have progressed past the point where women feel the need to defend liking sex purely for the act itself, or maybe Alix stands as a vanguard in a hopeful trend. Whatever the case, she accepts her sexuality as easily as any part of herself, using the words “thick” and “curvy” to describe her own body with ease. Some may not remember it, but there was a time when those words could offend. They might not get you slapped if you used them to describe someone, but you were not likely to be having any naked fun with them any time soon either. Ultimately, this comfort goes a long way toward just making you smile as Alix speaks. She has some nuance, this young woman, becoming an Alexis Texas fan by watching her have sex, and a Danny Mountain fan by having sex with him. We should all probably just relax a little more, don’t you think?

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