Petplay Training and Treats

July 7, 2017, Sex Fetishes, 39 views
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In this video I review several ways to use treats, tricks and training techniques in petplay and BDSM. I tried to speak in a more general way so that this could apply to most forms of petplay (such as kittenplay, puppyplay, or ponyplay) but it could also be used for human pets without a specific animal side, or even in other forms of D/s relationships.

This is in no way a guide to training real, biological animals. This is taking some techniques of pet training combined with elements of kink / BDSM to create something unique to the experience of petplay. I do not claim to be an expert, a vet, or a professional in any manner. More importantly there is not one right way to do this kind of play. All BDSM is extremely individual and if you don’t want to follow what is said in this video, by all means use treats, tricks and training however you see fit!

Have fun, and stay safe.


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