Camsoda Confessional Pornstar Valentina Nappi @ValeNappi

June 25, 2017, Porn Star Interview, 197 views
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Valentina Nappi Talks About Gay Porn, Hentai Love, Anal Gangbangs, and Italian Men

During this conversation, something quite shocking was said by Valentina Nappi. While giving us the rundown of the type of porn she watches, Valentina casually mentioned that she likes to watch gay porn. I’m talking about two guys fucking each other, not two women. There’s a very specific reason why she enjoys watching two guys fuck. She likes the idea of two guys having sex. Valentina thinks that the main reason she likes this is the same reason why guys like to watch two girls have sex with each other. It’s fulfilling that fantasy and all that same-sex tension and “hotness” that really turns her on. Not to mention, gay guys are usually better looking, according to Valentina. Basically, it’s having the desire for something that you’ll never be able to have.

Sexual Preference

Move on to sexual preference, she’s totally bisexual and will have sex with men, women, and transsexuals. Valentina Nappi doesn’t discriminate when it comes to that stuff and is all about the person versus the gender. If she clicks with someone, then it’s a go! If not, then there’s no chance and you’ll never get deep inside her.

Fetish Talk

We started talking about fetishes and she had one very strange fetish to share with us. When she met her current boyfriend she was with a fat guy that had a super short dick. He was so fat that he had big boobs. She used to like to grab his fat boobs while they were fucking. Hahaha! Now that’s a strange sexual fetish if I’ve ever heard one.

Something else she’s into is guys with nice asses but she doesn’t consider that to be a fetish really. It’s one of those, “you say tomato I say tomato” things I guess.

As far as sexual stimulation is concerned, Valentina Nappi is stimulated by clit and ass more so than anything. She’s all about getting her as fucked harder than you can even imagine. As for g-spot orgasms, she’s only had about four or five in her entire life.

Check out her confessional for the rest of her unusual fantasies and sex talk.

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