Hate and Shame in Camming

June 20, 2017, Cam Girl, Commentary, 153 views
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A majority of comments related to videos on camming or the sex industry sound like they were written by a possessed teenager.
Sooo much HATE to go around.

If youre a camgirl or a camsite member don’t let anyone shame you for wanting, paying or being paid for accessing a human connection, sexual or not, and virtually instantly too.
It isn’t a conspiracy that models are asking for a payment or compensation either…If its not for you then frigg off. There’s no reason to make other people feel more secretive and guilty about what they like or do sexually than they already feel from this stupid war on sex idea.
If you hate consentual, paid adult entertainment then do something realistic about it. Unplug your router and rub your hardrive with a magnet.

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