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June 17, 2017, Commentary, Unusually Sexy, 35 views
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We were lucky enough to get the chance to learn about Afripads and also get to try them out for ourselves. We’re super excited to let you know about the foundation and all the amazing things they do for girls and women in Africa.

Please take a second to check out AfriPad Foundation!…

And also if you’re interested in their products you can contact them here!…

If you know someone who could use Afripads please email us:
[email protected] with the subject :Afripads

“Before I got AFRIpads I was using pieces of old clothes during my menstruation. These were making me feel very uncomfortable, as they used to leak. So everybody could see I was in my period, making me feel very small. Now with AFRIpads I feel so comfortable. And as I know that they won’t leak, AFRIpads is making me feel safe. And the best thing is that they can be used for 12+ months, so they also help in saving money.”

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