4 Sexy body language tips

June 15, 2017, Dating Advice, 94 views
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Sexy body language tips/Attractive body language for men

Hi Guys my name is Joy Ali and today I am going to be giving you my top tips that you can do right now, to improve your body language, so that you become much more attractive to women.

Now why is body language important? There have been studies that have been done that shows that 70% of our communication is body language, 23% is your voice and tonality and only 7% is the words you actually say. So body language is super super important.

If you can master the art of non-verbal communication, essentially your body language, you can master the art of building instant attraction and boosting your results with women. So let’s get into my top tips that will get you results instantly.

Joy Ali is a dating coach of Kamalifestyles and specialises in the art of ‘day game’, where he teaches the core principles in meeting women during the day.

Joy Ali is 5 ft 4 and grew up in a small quiet town in Somerset. He came across many challenges in his dating life where he constantly blamed his height for his lack of success with women. He was determined to prove people wrong, so he embarked on an incredible journey, going out sometimes nearly 7 days a week, approaching women in bars, clubs and shopping centers, all to develop his social skills to a point where he has dated some of the most beautiful women around, many of whom were much taller than him.

In his spare time, he likes to read books on self-development and is a keen gym enthusiast.

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