Slow Sex for Deeper, Fuller & Stronger Orgasms

June 13, 2017, Sex Advice, Sex Information, 65 views
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Lately, I’ve been dabbling with a style of sex that is much slower and less goal-oriented.

Whether I’m self-pleasuring or having sex with my partner, I like to slow down and dial up the sensuality.

I want to feel it all. Every touch, lick, stroke. Every inch of my lover’s cock sliding inside of me. I want to revel in the full range of pleasure, emotions and sexual energy being awakened, circulated and exchanged.

All of this is pure ecstasy to me.

I’ve never experienced the deep sexual ecstasy I crave from sex that is super quick (think jackhammer-style) or focused more on having an orgasm.

There are too much tension and manipulation and typically when we’re focused on orgasm we speed up, thrust harder and start holding our breath, which blocks our flow of sexual energy. And sexual energy is key for more expansive, deeper, stronger, fulfilling orgasmic experiences.

I like to give plenty of time, space and sensual intention for everything to unfold slowly and come into place. Most women barely get to feel fully aroused or experience the kind of connection, sex and intimacy they desire because sex is focused so much around male ejaculation or getting it over with.

I remember those days. The days of unintentional sex where I would lie there while my ex was thrusting inside of me just wishing he’d hurry up and get it over with so I could go to sleep or watch Netflix.

Slow sex has taught me how to deepen pleasure, arousal, sexual energy and connection with myself and my partner. Allow me to share some techniques you can bring in with ease to slow down your sex and expand your orgasmic experience.

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