Real Women Talk About Hookups

June 10, 2017, Dating Advice, Sex Advice, Sex Information, 43 views
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I am a big believer that women should be free to want casual or relationship sex or both. I support women talking openly about sex and desire so I was really pleased to support Pure App when they asked me to create this video.

Pure is designed to be confidential – the picture you choose disappears after one hour of app use. It is also made to connect people who are looking explicitly to HOOK UP not to date. So there are no grey areas about what this app is all about.

Here are some things the women shared with me about what they think about casual sex!

1. Women want great sex and see casual sex as an adventure

Really… watch the video to find out why women want casual sex, and how they really feel about hook ups

2. No Dick Pics!

The women I interviewed were not a fan of being introduced to you via a picture of your penis. I have to agree they don’t photograph well…. as you can see from my face when one of the women in this video shows me a D-Pic *gulp*

3. Women don’t just want relationships.

It is a big old myth that women just look for relationships, and men just look for sex and dating apps generally are a big fight between these two very different needs. Pure is there for people who are looking for a casual, one off sexual encounter. That is it. I think it’s positive to be clear about what your dating and sex goals are. If they are casual cool! Go use Pure. If not also cool. Own what you want and don’t apologise for it.

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