How we started our non-monogamous relationship || poly couple

June 4, 2017, Commentary, Sex Confession, 78 views
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In this video we talk about how we met, began relating, and how our relationship continued to flourish into what it is today. Thank you everyone who has expressed curiosity around hearing more about our story. It has been a pleasure to reflect on and share with you all here.

On this channel we come together to share about our relationship with one another and the relationships we share with others. We love relating with all kinds of people, having non-traditional connections and sharing our experiences with the world.

We feel excited and inspired by the way we connect with the world and live our lives. We hope to inspire you to create your own unique, authentic connections and ultimately, to live the life of your dreams.

If you are interested in polyamory, open relationships, non-monogamy, and non-traditional relationships…or if you are interested in monogamy, deepening your connection with your partner and in general pursuing more authentic connections both with yourself and others, we think you will find value here.

If you are interested in coaching with either one or both of us, you can contact us through our websites:

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