So Your Boyfriend Wants You To Quit Stripping? @hawkmothh

May 19, 2017, Commentary, 78 views
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Hey y’all! I’d just like to make a quick note that no video on this channel is intended to hurt anyone’s feelings – if you watch this video and feel like this situation applies to you, please know that it was made with the intent to educate, not attack! No-one should ever feel pressure to quit their job, and no partner has the right to feel uncomfortable with someone’s job in the adult industry simply because they feel some kind of ownership over the other person’s body and time.

DISCLAIMER: This video contains discussion of the adult entertainment industry, specifically strippers and strip clubs. If you are under 18, this video is not for you. If you are someone who disagrees with the adult entertainment industry for personal or religious reasons, I understand and respect that. This is, however, my career path; I chose it willingly and I love it. Please understand and respect me the way I understand and respect you – rude and crass comments will either be deleted, or I will clap back, depending on my mood. Thank you!

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