A-Z of Sexual Fetishes – Age Play, Pet Play, Queening – How many do you know?

May 5, 2017, Commentary, Funny Videos, 103 views
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A-Z of sexual fetishes – Educational Video – how many can you tick off? Fetish and sex play can be a very personal thing. Pet Play Fetish, Leather Fetish, Latex Sex, Sikis BSDM Sex Play, Breathplay, Orgasm Control, Queening Queaning Face Sitting, CuckQuean CuckQueen Fetish and many more sikis sex games that we all love in our sexual fantasies. Make your own personal porn playlist with the a-z sexual fetish list!

A is for age play
Age play is where one partner pretends to be a child. Often confused with adult baby play.

B is for breath play
Breathplay is the restriction of the flow of oxygen to heighten sexual pleasure.

C is for cuckquean
A cuckquean is a woman who is aroused by the knowledge that her partner is having sex with someone else.

D is for double penetration
Double penetration is… well. Being penetrated with two things at the same time.

E is for edging
Edging is the practice of bringing yourself or another person to the brink of climax and then stopping, creating frustration.

F is for fisting
Fisting is when a fist is placed in person’s anus or vagina.

G is for giantess
A giantess fetish is a fetish where a tall woman, often wearing heels, uses her size to humiliate another person.

H is for hentai
Hentai is a type of Japanese cartoon porn.

I is for Incest
The love and wish to have sex with your Sister, Brother, Mother or Father. Think of the Lannisters on Game Of Thrones.

J is for jelly (sploshing)
Jelly is a popular component of the fetish sploshing, where messy food is used during sex.

K is for knismolagnia
Knismolagnia is the fancy name for tickle play, where tickling is used to torture or arouse a person.

L is for Leather / Latex
A leather fetish is arousal from smelling, wearing or touching leather. A leather family was originally a way of describing a gay polyamorous BDSM group.

M is for masochism
Masochism is deriving sexual pleasure from physical pain.

N is for necrophilia
Necrophilia is a fetish for having sex with dead people, which is illegal. However, some people enjoy necrophililc role play which involves taking a cold bath and lying very still.

O is for orgasm control
Taking charge of another person’s orgasms, bringing them close to an orgasm and then stopping (edging) or forbidding them to orgasm. Forcing a person to orgasm is also popular, as is ruining an orgasm by withdrawing stimulation at the point of climax.

P is for pet play
Role playing as a puppy or kitten is known as pet play. Pet players will often wear a tail attached to a butt plug.

Q is for Queaning / Queening / Face Sitting
Queaning is also known as face-sitting, when woman uses oral sex to dominate her partner.

R is for rope
Rope is a popular fetish, either for bondage or shibari. It can be as simple as tying a partner up, or as complicated as suspending them.

S is for spanking
Spanking, if you need an explanation, is hitting someone for both of your sexual gratification.

T is for t-girls
Having a fetish for t-girls is wanting to have sexy with men who identify as transvestites.

U is for ultra violence
Ultra violence is a section of BDSM that focuses on more extreme pain play, particularly punching.

V is for violet wand
A violet wand is a sex toy which gives electric shocks for the purpose of arousal.

W is for water sports
P*ss play, basically. Being peed on, peeing on someone else. Lots of options, but focusing on piss.

X is for Xenophillia
Xenophillia (yes, also used to mean not liking foreign people) is a fetish for having sex with strangers

Y is for nothing.
Seriously. Can you find a fetish that starts with y? If so, please let us know. And no, ‘yellowphillia’ is not a thing.

Z is for zoophillia
Zoophillia is a fetish where people are turned on by pretending to be all sorts of animals. Bit like the Lion King but with sex.

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