3 ways to Expand Your Clitoral Orgasm into a Whole Body Orgasm

April 29, 2017, Sex Advice, Sex Information, 132 views
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The first time I ever remember experiencing a clitoral orgasm was at the young age of 2 years old. It’s really common (more common than I would have ever thought) for young toddlers to explore their bodies sensually and sexually through pleasurable touch or rubbing their bodies against objects…

Couches, desks, chairs, toys, swing set, etc.

And yes, that includes exploring the clitoris and all of her 8,000 delicate nerve endings.

I never expected to become addicted to the quick, shallow and rather intense clitoral orgasm though. Maybe you can relate to this?

Rubbing your clitoris so hard that you start to clench your teeth, strain your jaw and hold your breath only to feel 5-10 seconds of brief, intense pleasure immediately followed by dissatisfaction, disappointment, disconnection and a feeling of being “done.”

I don’t know about you, but those four D words are not what I want to experience.

How about this orgasmic experience instead of the more shallow, depleting and unsatisfying style we’re used to having?

Let these words dance on your tongue and caress your mind seductively…





Whole body tingles









Mmm…how about orgasms that expand into our whole bodies and leave us feeling like we tapped right into the fountain of youth, flowing and recycling through our bodies continuously?

Leaving us with a radiant glow, bursting with creativity and ready for all of the passion, pleasure and love available in our day.

How about orgasms that last for minutes (or hey – even hours!) and bring us closer to our partner and ourselves rather than take us away from all of that intimacy, connection, desire and sexual energy we built up before climax?

I say a whole body YES to that! What about you?

Are you intrigued to know more about how you can expand your clitoral orgasm into a whole body orgasm?

If so, I have 3 ways you can do this in my latest weekly video.

If you desire to know my orgasmic secrets to having a whole body experience of orgasmic bliss while still enjoying the 8,000 nerve endings of your clitoris, check out 3 Ways to Expand Your Clitoral Orgasm into a Whole Body Orgasm right here. Press play to watch!

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