Why I LOVE Sex

April 27, 2017, Sex Confession, Sex Information, 104 views
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Are you feeling juicy and orgasmic this week? I’ve been diving even deeper into my orgasmic morning practice this week so I definitely am. (I have something you’re going to love coming your way soon!)

I thought it might be fun to make my weekly video a little less how-to focused and a little more personal this week.

I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about WHY I love sex so much. For me, I have to love it if I spend every single day not only working on my own sexuality, but supporting other women in doing the same.

That’s why my orgasmic morning practice is essential. Doing things like erotic movement, breathwork to access and circulate my sexual energy, using my jade egg and self pleasuring if my body wants it or making love with my boyfriend if he stayed over the night before.

They keep me feeling juicy and alive in every cell of my body. They help me connect to my sexuality and maintain that connection throughout the day.

Sex is my life. Sex IS life.

There are a billion reasons why I love sex (like, REALLY LOVE!!), but I thought…why not share a few of them with you? And of course in doing so, invite you into the same question: why do you love sex? Or do you maybe not love sex right now for one reason or another?

My relationship with sex wasn’t always this way. I spent years as a teenager and young adult denying the fact that I really wanted sex. Despite my denial, deep down I knew I truly did love and want it. I knew how important, sacred and holistic it was.

I had my first orgasm at 2 years old and I was hooked on the euphoric ecstasy of connecting to that erotic pulse of life and my own divinity — that feeling and inner knowing has flowed through me for my whole life.

Even when I ignored it, denied it or felt ashamed of it.

I’ve loved sex since that very first orgasmic experience. Sex to me is not just the typical cock-in-pussy formula that we deduce it to.

I’ve loved sex since the many years I spent as a young, erotically innocent girl making my Barbies have sex. My sexuality wasn’t limited even then. Barbie had sex with other Barbies. Ken and Barbie had sex and then there were group orgies. Sometimes Ken even had sex with other Kens.This was just a natural expression of my sexual energy.

The exploration. The sexual playfulness — something I’m tapping into deeply this year.

I’ve loved sex since the first time I felt the flutter and pulse of sexual energy blossoming deep inside of my clitoris and unfolding like warm honey in my belly.

So this week I’m diving deep and giving you access to my sexual love affair story. I’m breaking it down into why I love sex from a sexual/physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective. Because sex is holistic and I want you to see how much it can impact the relationship with yourself and your partner(s) when you embrace sexuality in its entirety.


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