Camsoda Confessional Pornstar Molly Mae Reveals Anal Sex Obsession snd Bangs A Guy In A Tanning Salon

April 24, 2017, Porn Star Interview, 187 views
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Molly Mae Talks Tanning Bed Sex, Double Dick Anal Fantasy, & Hardcore Porn

Let me give you some personal stats on this beautiful girl. She was born on June 18, 1996, which makes her 20 years old and super horny! She’s got perfect blue eyes, amazing blonde hair, and measurements that would make any guy rock hard in seconds. Specifically, her measurements are 32DD-24-34, which is just perfect if you ask me.

As far as sexuality is concerned, she like both girls and guys. Okay, I’ll spill the beans, she actually lives in the camhouse with a bunch of other girls. I’m not going to get too deep into all that with you because I’d much rather you take the time to enjoy the video below instead. I think you’ll find everything that she had to say just perfect!

We also briefly talked about the mother and step daughter porn type stuff and she said she likes it! All that taboo type porn turns on Molly. In fact, when we really got going on the topic she opened up like a blooming beautiful flower, share her love for watching girls fuck each other in best friend or BFF porn scenes. You know, the type of scenes that typically involve two friends having a sleepover and getting very close to one another. I’m talking close enough to lick pussies and cum together.

Her Korean Girlfriend

We asked if Molly Mae had ever been with a girl and sure enough she said yes. What was more intriguing was her relationship with some Korean girl.

Basically, Molly admitted to having a secret relationship with some Korean girl that lived in the northeast. She couldn’t give us too many details but we got the quick and dirty version of it. She would hook up with this girl from the east coast and they’d frequently travel to New York and other places to spend the weekend together. Most of the time it meant fucking each other and enjoying each others company. Can you imagine what it must be like to have a girl like Molly want to spend the weekend with you?

This naturally led to us asking what her personal preference was in terms of sex. Sorry ladies, she likes having sex with girls but would never marry one. Dick is her thing at the end of the day.

Crazy Tanning Bed Sex

Molly shared a story with us about her having sex in a public tanning booth. The story was actually pretty wild. No one found out it happened fast. The guy she fucked was hot and he was actually an employee of the tanning salon. One day he just came into the tanning room to give her an extra towel. He had a semi hard cock that she could see through his pants. He went in to kiss her and one thing led to another. They were fucking each other in the tanning room. She didn’t even know the guy’s name, how wild is that! I’d love to fuck her in an impromptu type scenario like that.

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