This Is How Much Strippers REALLY Make

April 17, 2017, Commentary, Sex Information, 890 views
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THIS IS HOW MUCH STRIPPERS REALLY MAKE!!! Alright, so I know I have been getting a lot of questions about this, and I truly gave y’all my own honest opinion. I usually only put in anywhere from 4-10 hrs a shift depending how my day’s going, I have put in more before but it’s rare. When I’m motivated I’ll work anywhere from 4-7 days a week. Just remember that every girl has a different hustle, mentality, schedules and earnings. Everytime I get off work I’ll calculate how much I made and divide it by the amount of hours I worked and if it adds up to what an average “high paying” job would make per hour or more, then it was a good day. If it’s the other way around and I put in more hours than what I made or close to a minimum wage paying job…as a stripper I would consider it as a bad day. I’m gonna stand with what I said and leave my range at -0 – $1000+. I’m not saying there isn’t any strippers making $1000/day bc I know some are but in the “average club” you won’t see that EVERYDAY unless you have a dynamite hustle or if you’re putting in the work and hours. So if you’re coming in with anything more than 600+ a night, then you my friend, know what the fuck you’re doing, but one thing I know for sure is…my hustle is like a wave and the wheel of fortune, always wondering how much I will bring in! Hope y’all enjoy the video (;

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